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The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age… never lose your *ENTHUSIASM*.

–Thomas Huxley


If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be *ENTHUSIASM*.

–Bruce Barton


Derived from ‘Entheos’ meaning ‘the God in you’ *ENTHUSIASM* is the elixir of life. The moment one feels enthusiastic a spring of energy starts flowing from within. This energy, directly oozing from the eternal source, makes miracle happen.

-Vipin Gupta




Ignited Minds Season II


The Event

Yeats said “Education is not filling a bucket, but igniting a fire.” By the way, we in India, try a lot to fill the bucket. This event is aimed at igniting the fire in the minds of students and young professionals by none other than the most knowledgeable persons living on the earth — the Nobel Prize Winners! Not ruling out, some getting ignited to the extent of winning the Nobel Prize as the talks include 'How I won the Nobel Prize, and why you can also win'.


The Speakers


George F Smoot*                 Robert J Aumann                 Roger Kornberg

2006 Physics Nobel               2005 Economics Nobel         2006 Chemistry Nobel



Martin Perl                           William Philips                     Sidney Altman

1995 Physics Nobel               1997 Physics Nobel              1989 Chemistry Nobel



Individuals can participate as co-speakers or dining guestsor audience, whereas, organizations are welcome to join as host or sponsor.

*confirmation pending






Glimpses of Ignited Minds Season I

(Nobel Talks/ Feb 9-19, 2009) 

IMT Ghaziabad(Hotel Taj Mahal, New Delhi)




Acharya Institutes, Bangalore


Vidya Vardhak Sangha, Gulbarga


Prof Aumann (Economics Nobel) & Prof Gupta (CEO-Enthusiasm Inc)



















































































































Message Board


"Best wishes to Dr. Gupta and his students".

Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei Director General, IAEA.

(Nobel Laureate 2005 Peace)


"The idea is a good one".

Dr. J. Robin Warren.

(Nobel Laureate 2005 Physiology or Medicine)


"Good luck with your venture".

Paul Nurse.

(Nobel Laureate 2001 Physiology or Medicine)


"Wish your project the necessary enthusiasm."

Dr. Elfriede Jelinek,

(Nobel Laureate 2004 Literature)


"I would very much like to do so. With best wishes".

Stanley B. Prusiner

(Nobel Laureate 1997 Physiology or Medicine)


"I appreciate your interest" Vernon L. Smith

(Nobel Laureate 2002 Economics)


"Best wishes for your endeavours".

Dr. Barry J. Marshall.

(Nobel Laureate 2005 Physiology or Medicine)










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